Corporate gifts

The Art of Giving

Giving is an art! Our gifting specialist has revealed a few tips to assist in the art of giving:

Always give from your heart and do not expect anything in return! Giving unconditionally is not necessarily simple or easy, but it is normally very rewarding.
Giving unconditionally starts by sharing a piece of you, your love, care and time taken to select the perfect gift.

We honour your request and create the special gift.

The Gift Everybody loves a personalised gift to convey a special message. Be proud of what you choose and don’t just buy something because it is in the bargain bin or because it was the most expensive item in the store.

We put effort, care and consideration into the creation of the gift.

Making the gift yourself is definitely an option too, and is even more a “piece of you”, so feel free to do so.

We can supply you with the items to create the special gift yourself.

The surprise element – Let it be a surprise and do not request for it. A gift prompted for is not as exciting or fulfilling as a gift that is a total surprise.

We can provide a GIFT Voucher as a Gift.

The receiver can choose their gift according to their preference. Wrapping of your GIFT Wrapping and presenting the gift will show your sense of style and also that you have taken care to present your gift nicely.
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